To End Self-Inflicted Human Suffering

"Power is the ability to create your own reality."

-- Eraka Rouzorondu --

Ma'at Enterprises is a comprehensive empowerment company with four subsidiaries: 

PROGRESSIVE HUMAN, BEING:   Personal Empowerment 

 Serves to empower every human being without regard to race, gender, or any other self-identifier 

ASCENSION PRODUCTIONS:  Cultural Empowerment

  Serves to empower African Americans exclusively and from our own perspective. Period.  

VIBRATIONS RISING:  Spiritual Empowerment

Serves to empower any human being's relationship with the Divine Spiritual Creative Force.  

E3 PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS:  Professional Empowerment

Serves to empower corporations, organizations, executives, managers and staff.  

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PowerWeekend Philadelphia: APRIL 6-8, 2018!!

Eraka Rouzorondu delivers POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS for your


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The history of African Americans is unique to the story of humanity.  So must be our future...

  •  "AWAKE! Reclaim Your Power!"
  • "Man & Woman, Heaven & Earth"
  • "The Awakening: A Transformation of Racial Consciousness"
  • "BE21: Black Empowerment for the 21st Century"

Progressive Human, Being

Every one of our challenges is human-made.  

That means they can be human-solved...

  • "Answers: A Philosophical Foundation for an Empowered Life"
  • "The Good News About Racism! There Are Solutions to the Problem!"
  • "The Veridical: A Transformation of Racial Consciousness"

Vibrations Rising

Any relationship that does not grow and change will die.  

This includes one's relationship with God...

  •  "When Loving God is Not Enough: Personal Empowerment Through An Expanded Relationship With God"
  • "Meditation for the Rest of Us"
  • MetaWeekend Spiritual Retreats

E-3 Professional Solutions

When it comes to professional development, 

every employee shares one important role...

  •  "The Professional Human Being"
  • "Confessions of an EEO Investigator"
  • "Thank Goodness for Stress!"
  • "You Are What You Say - And How You Say It"

Empowerment Resources

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