PowerWeekend-Philadelphia: April 6-8, 2018!



Friday:  6:30pm - 9:30pm

"ANSWERS: A Philosophical Foundation for an Empowered Life"

Eraka has taken the core principles from ancient Egyptian thought and from historical and modern-day philosophers and distilled them into 12 “ANSWERS” she believes will respond to any question you will ever have in your entire life! 



The Good News About Racism: There are Solutions to the Problem"

Police homicide and brutality, mass incarceration, political and economic disparities – these are only the symptoms of racism and white supremacy! The only way to SOLVE these problems is to attack them at their root causes. Eraka Rouzorondu presents the only genuine ways to actually end racism…are you ready?

6:30pm - 9:30pm:

"Man & Woman, Heaven & Earth: Solving the Challenges of Relationships" 

“Man & Woman, Heaven & Earth” is one of the most unique approaches to the subject of romantic relationships ever taken! It applies the immutable Laws of Nature to love, courtship and commitment to make it very clear what we are doing wrong in our relationships…and it shows us how to make it right!

Sunday:  2pm - 5pm:  

"When Loving God is Not Enough: Personal Empowerment through an

Expanded Relationship with God"

If believe you love God but your real life is not aligned with your envisioned life then, clearly, loving God is not enough. “Loving God” is a workshop that guides you to examine your current relationship with God and identify ways in which it can be expanded to make it more direct, personal and empowering. 


Center of Peace, 1750 Ashbourne Road 

(on the Elkins Park Estate in Unity Hall)

Elkins Park, PA 19027 

(Free Parking)


1921 Beech Avenue, Elkins Park, PA

REGISTRATION (prices are per person)

Pre-Registration - March 24-April 3:

$30 per presentation

$100 weekend package

Registration  April 4-8:

$35 per presentation

(no premium package discount)


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